The Engagement Story of Ben + Julie

For those that know us, you know that I met Ben the Sunday before my freshman year in 2014 at Harding University. That afternoon I was sitting with some friends when all of a sudden a very tall guy comes and sits far away from us. In my mind, I thought that was weird, but I decided to ignore that thought and just ignored him because he wasn’t interacting with us and decided to sit a couple feet away from us. Eventually, a mutual friend of ours introduced us and told him to get a frisbee. When Ben came back, our mutual friend, Ben, and I began tossing the frisbee around. Our mutual friend decided to leave and let us continue playing. My first impressions of Ben were that he was very nice and friendly. During our game, he moved further into the shade because the sun’s rays were in my eyes. After our game, we had dinner in the cafeteria with some of our friends and even though we were sitting at the same table, we didn’t talk to each other because we each had our own friends there.

Later that night, I found him on Facebook and decided to add him because it is always good to have new friends. I asked him if we could play frisbee again because I had a lot of fun the first time and we should invite more friends to make the game bigger. During the game, I began thinking that Ben liked me, but I didn’t have any feelings for him at the time because I had just arrived at school and I didn’t want to date anyone until my second semester of college. (I didn’t keep that promise to myself because we started dating about 3-4 weeks later, but I think it’s ok since we are now engaged.)

*Fast forward to 2017 and on Sunday, January 29, 2017, Ben asked me to marry him through a scavenger hunt. He took me on an adventure making me go to different locations that were special to us and a part of our story.*

The scavenger hunt started with an email from Lord of Fate. When I got the email, I was with Ben’s sister helping her make a curriculum vitae, and I immediately deleted it because the header was “This is not a virus or spam, trust me…”. (I only deleted it because that is one way scams start.) Anyways, Ben’s sister immediately started laughing because she knew that Lord of Fate was Ben, but I didn’t! She texted him and he had to send another email with the header, “Seriously, there are no links to anywhere else. OPEN”. I was reluctant and even though I was afraid, I opened it thinking my computer might explode in a few seconds. Instead, I found a note. I immediately searched for the previous email and it was a copy of the first email. Since I didn’t know who Lord of Fate was my heart began palpating because NOT only did I not know this person, BUT  Lord of Fate knew exactly the temperature outside AND told me I had to meet him where we first met! Talk about creepy! I had no idea who Lord of Fate was because I thought it was someone who went to Paris with me, however, since I couldn’t get a plane ticket and meet that friend in Paris, so I vetoed that idea. Eventually, Ben’s sister told me that she thought it might be Ben and Manuel. I couldn’t believe that because it didn’t seem like them, but the more I thought about it the more it seemed plausible.

I ended up leaving the library with my pepper spray in hand and I began calling Ben because I didn’t think he would want me to meet up with someone who we didn’t know. However, Ben wouldn’t pick up! It took me 3 times before he would answer and he told me to just go. Weird. I knew something was about to happen, but I didn’t know what in store for me. So I went to the location where I first met Lord of Fate and I met Ben’s roommate. As soon as I got the first handwritten note, I knew what was going on. I was about to be an engaged woman. The email brought me to the location of where Ben and I met. When I got the note, I sat under the tree and began reading. The note talked about how we first met outside the athletic center and played frisbee until dinner. The last few sentences in that letter said “three weeks later he asked you out.” My mind was spinning. I thought Ben was going to be at the tree when I arrived and then he wasn’t, so my next thought was that this adventure was going to continue in 3 weeks. Then when I came to my senses, I realized that I had to meet the next person where Ben first asked me out.

When I realized where I had to be next I went back to my dorm to drop off my backpack and change because I wasn’t dressed for any pictures that might happen later that day. I made everyone wait on me because I wanted to look good! Anyways, I began snapchatting my adventure and when I went to the science building on the second floor near the engineering room, I met one of Ben’s friends who gave me another letter. This letter talked about how nervous Ben was to ask me out and the thoughts he was having that day. Then the letter told me to go to the location where we first said those 3 words: I love you.

I began walking to the girl’s laundry room and met another friend behind it who gave me a note. (Side note: On the night where we exchanged those 3 words, it was cold and behind the girl’s laundry room heat was coming out of a pipe keeping us warm. It was then that we shared those 3 words.) When I got the last handwritten note, Lord of Fate wrote that he was so cool because he got me a chauffeur to take me to Riverside Park. The chauffeur was one of our dear friends who enjoys taking pictures. After I read the note I called our friend who gave me a hard time about being asleep (which he wasn’t), and he picked me up. When we arrived at Riverside Park, he told me that he just wanted to take some pictures of the views around us. (Previously this week, Ben and I went to this park so I knew where I should walk to find him. I didn’t know then why we went to the park, but it all made sense now.) As my friend and I began walking the trails, we talked until we saw Ben. Ben was a little ways away, but when we found him, he took my hand and helped me get to where he was located. He began talking about us and how much he loved me, but when he realized I wasn’t retaining anything he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I obviously said yes and the ring that he picked out for me describes who I am. He did a great job and thank you to Underwood’s Fine Jewelry for creating such a beautiful ring! If you’re looking for a family owned jewelry store, then come talk to the wonderful family of Underwood’s Fine Jewelry! They will surely help you find what you’re looking for!

Oh! Since I was snapchatting the entire event, I made Ben get back down on one knee so I could add that to my story! Our friend taking the pictures laughed, but everyone wanted to know the ending of my story!



*All photos taken by Le Petit Traveler

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