Artigaianato Palazzo

No matter where you travel, you should always find the markets! There you will find some of the best handmade items. These are great for souvenirs for yourself or others! We were able to attend the Artigaianato Palazzo located on Via della Scala, 115, 50123 Firenze. In this market you pay a small fee to enter, but then you’re immersed into the market!

This market has vendors from all over come and sell their art. There were vendors selling cloths for kitchens and bathrooms, leather shoes, paper products, leather purses, Italian soaps, art pieces, and the list goes on! They also had booths where you could purchase gelato, cookies, and meats and fresh cheeses.

What is so special about this particular market is that the Corsini family owns the land where the market is located. The Corsini family are a historical family that came to Florence in the 12th century. This family came from Poggibonsi and the “Pesa” valley. It wasn’t until the 14th century that the Corsini family became successful. We were able to meet Princess Corsini and she was so sweet!

Artigaianato Palazzo | Via della Scala, 115, 50123 Firenze

There were so many different vendors at the market but my favorites were a jeweler who created handmade pressed flower jewelry and a vendor who made Italian soap. The Italian soaps were intricately designed and the vendor had different styles that you could choose from. While I was browsing through the soaps, I noticed that she was creating more soap! The soap that she was making were delicate leaves. She would carve the shape that she wanted and then carefully bend the soap into the shape of a leaf. In the other booth a vendor was selling pressed flower jewelry! They were so delicate and beautiful. It looked like each flower was pressed for its customer.

Italian soap
Handmade pressed flower bracelets


*All photos taken by Le Petit Traveler


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