Basket Weaving

Basket weaving is a form of art and we got to make our own to take home! We have been talking about both artisans and artists and it was cool to work with a master of basket weaving. Artisan and artist are similar because they both come from the Latin root “ars” which means artis. Since the Middle Ages the aristocratic life expressed by the Italian courts like Urbino, Mantha, Ferrara, and Florence influenced other European courts in terms of art culture and style.

In order to become a master, one must practice and it can take years for one to earn the title of master. Until then, they will go to masters and be taught until they can complete that skill by themselves.

Basket weaving was tough to start, but it got easier after we remembered the steps. Our baskets were made of the inside of bamboo and Giotto had soaked all of it in water to make it softer and easier to work with. Before we arrived, Giotto had made the bottom of the baskets and he had some of his friends there to teach us the steps. His friends spread out and taught us the art of basket weaving. It was tough to learn because his friends only spoke Italian, but with enough repetition, we all got the hang of it and completed our baskets.

We started with weaving the bottom of the basket and then we began working on the sides. Once we were happy with the shape and style, we put our basket in water to help make the bamboo softer to complete the top. They helped us weave the top of the basket into a braided pattern and after that was completed we were done! Now everyone has a souvenir that they made from their trip abroad.

The bottom of the basket
Giotto reinforcing the basket weaving skills
My basket


*All photos taken by Le Petit Traveler

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