Happy Birthday America!

Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day. It is a day where Americans celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which occurred on July 4, 1776. It’s the day where the Continental Congress announced that the 13 American colonies would be a new nation named the United States of America and they became an independent nation.


Even though I am not in the United States, we are still celebrating the 4th of July! It has been a lot of fun hosting a party for those who might not be aware of this holiday. We started off by setting up tables and chairs for our guests. Then we began having fun by decorating the villa with ribbons, streamers, balloons, and other fun items. We even made a photo booth for fun pictures celebrating the 4th!




Once the villa was ready, we started making dinner! We served hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas, chips, and cookies. It was delicious! You can take the girl out of America, but you can’t take America out of the girl. (That’s how the saying goes, right?) Anyways, we even served pizza because we’re in Italy and well pizza is delicious! We have to have a little bit of Italy in our meal, right?



During dinner we had different bands come play for us! We got to listen to some great music and it was an amazing concert! What was great about each group were that they were each unique and had a different sound, so there was something for everybody!

We first got to listen to a choir called Vocal Blue Trains and we were immediately blown away by their talent. They were amazing! All of the songs that they sang were in English and for each song, they would have a different soloist sing! I enjoyed listening to each of their voices!

The next band that we got to listen to was Nothing for Breakfast. Nothing for Breakfast is an Italian indie-rock band and we enjoyed listening to them play! The lead singer, Jonathan Shackelford, is the HUF (Harding in Florence) director’s son! It was cool to listen to his son rock out with his band!



We ended the night the way everyone should if they don’t have fireworks. We lit sparklers! We all had fun writing our names, twirling them in the air, and just having them! Fourth of the July wouldn’t be the same without them!



*All photos taken by Le Petit Traveler

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