Sea Ya in the Water!

One of our days was spent relaxing at the beach in Paestum. We all slept in and then headed out for a fun day relaxing. Everyone got in the water at some point and we enjoyed trying to ride to shore with the waves! We weren’t allowed to go very far into the ocean because the water was too rough for us to go deeper than our waists. However, we still managed to have fun! For our beach day, we relaxed, read, ate lunch, and walked on the beach.


We stayed at a really nice hotel called Hotel Mandetta. This hotel is located right on the beach and is a family operated business. They were all friendly, spoke English, and were helpful when we asked questions. They even sell handmade jewelry and clothing in their hotel. A lot of us purchased an item because not only was it going to this family’s business, but they have stunning pieces!

One of my favorite experiences at Hotel Mandetta was getting to go to the kitchen and watching the mother of the owner cook lasagna. She made 2 homemade lasagna dishes for our group. When I say everything was homemade, I mean everything was homemade. She cooked the noodles, tomato sauce, meatballs, and all the little extra items from scratch. What made this experience so special was that I was able to see the love she was pouring into the food she was cooking. This experience will be one that I will remember forever because it was so special.


One of the places that we visited on our beach day was Barlotti Caseificio, also known as the Bufala Farm! We got to try the best mozzarella in the world! It was extremely creamy and was made from the milk of the buffalo. We even got to try gelato made from the milk of the buffalo! We all agreed that it tasted more like ice cream and not gelato because it wasn’t as creamy as gelato. However, it was still delicious!



*All photos taken by Le Petit Traveler

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