Capri + Anacapri

If there was only one place in the world that you should visit, it should Capri and Anacapri. These are two cities, but Anacapri is located at the top of Capri, so I am going to combine them. I am saying this because these cities are beautiful.

We stayed in a hotel in Sorrento and for our free day we were given the option to go to either the Amalfi Coast or Capri. My group chose to go to Capri and we got there by boat. Once we got to Capri I was amazed at Capri’s views. We arrived at the port and there were all kinds of boats as well as different colored pastel buildings.


After taking in the views, we took a taxi to Anacapri. After getting dropped off, we went to Seggiovia Monte Solaro on the square and took a chairlift to the top. Boy was it scary! The ride was smooth, but it was still a little nerve racking! There is a way you can climb to the top, but you would have to climb a lot of stairs and it would take forever. Besides, this method will help people conquer their fear of heights!

Once you get on, there is no turning back! The ride lasts approximately 13 minutes and when we were in the chairlift we got to go into the clouds. Besides the initial shock of what I was doing, this was a little nerve racking because I wasn’t able to see anything around me. However, we all made it to the top and were safe! The goal was to see the view of the island from the top, but due to the cloud coverage that wasn’t possible. However, we had a snack at the top and enjoyed hanging out and talking.



After the chairlift, we visited Villa San Michele which has an amazing garden and view of Capri. We enjoyed walking through Villa San Michele and seeing the famous garden. The garden is massive and there is a lot to see. One of the places that we stopped was at the sphinx. It was there that we got a great view of Capri.




One of the places that we tried to visit was The Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is known for taking tourists through a “portal” to another world. Inside the sparkling cavern is azure blue light and it’s beautiful. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived they had stopped taking people because the water was getting too rough. However, next time I’m in Anacapri you will see me there! Before we ended the day, we walked around Capri, shopped, and got gelato. All in all, it was a great day!


*All photos taken by Le Petit Traveler

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