The Secrets of Sicily

No matter where you travel, there will always be hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. We just got back from a trip to Sicily! We spent 4 days in 3 different places! We woke up extremely early to catch an early flight to Palermo and then took a bus to the city of Taormina! Taormina is a tourist town and the way to get to the city is by taking a gondola to the top.

The city of Taormina
The gondola that takes you to the city of Taormina

Once you’re in the city you’ll see lots of stores, bakeries, restaurants, and other fun places. If you come to Taormina on a hot day, I suggest trying a granita because it is a good way to help cool you down. A granita is a Sicilian dessert made of water, sugar, and different flavorings. This dessert originated in Sicily, but if you are in another part in Italy don’t worry because you can find it throughout Italy. I personally thought it looked like a snow cone, but it was better than the ones in America.

In Taormina, we got to visit the Ancient Theatre of Taormina also known in Italian as Teatro Greco Taormina. We enjoyed exploring the area and taking pictures as we walked around. We got to see great views of the city of Taormina and after our visit we all got a granita to cool us off!



Another city that we visited was Agrigento. In the afternoon, we all went to the beach after looking at the temples in Agrigento. At the beach we walked and climbed the Turkish Steps, also known as Scala dei Turchi in Italian.

The Turkish Steps have become a popular tourist destination because of its unique white color. The Turkish Steps are located between two sandy beaches and have the shape of a staircase (hence the name). The steps are a rocky cliff made out of sedimentary rock called marl and this rock is known for its white color. Once you’re on the top of the steps, you’ll notice people sitting in grooves on the Turkish Steps. Over time, the grooves were made and now people sit in them and relax while enjoying the views around them.

The Temples in Agrigento
The Turkish Steps
Relaxing in the Turkish Steps
Views from the Turkish Steps

In the city of Monreale, we got to visit their duomo, cathedral, and cloister. We were able to climb the duomo to get a great view of the sea and bay of Conca d’Oro. When I walked into the cathedral I was blown away by the mosaics. The cathedral is breathtaking because the interior is made entirely of mosaics. The golden mosaics cover the walls of the nave, aisles, transept, and apse which cover approximately 68,220 square feet of the cathedral. In the cloister, there are 228 double columns decorated with Romanesque design and Arab-style arches. Each column is different. Some have mosaic designs or carvings while others are plain.


The columns in the cloister


While we were in the city of Monreale we got to have cannoli! Something that I learned when it came to ordering cannoli, was that if you only wanted one, then you had to ask for a cannolo because the word “cannolo” is the singular form of “cannoli”. Otherwise, if you order cannoli, expect to get more than one!

Anyways, I had tried a cannolo in the past and was not a big fan. I thought cannoli were suppose to be sweet and the one I had tried was anything but sweet. However, I thought, while I am in Italy, I should try this dessert again. These cannoli were delicious and tasted exactly what I had imagined. These had the perfect amount of sweetness and I wish I could have another.



*All photos taken by Le Petit Traveler

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