The So-Called “Harding Experience”

Every potential student who tours campus gets to hear about the so-called “Harding Experience”. This experience is unique for everyone as it can be defined through long lasting friendships, club activities, study abroad trips, and much more. As a student, I’ve enjoyed watching those around me have their own “Harding Experience” and grow into well prepared adults.

Harding University is a place that brings people together through the act of community and service. When I was debating on which college I wanted to attend, I only applied to two schools. One of those schools was Harding University. After visiting Harding’s campus I immediately knew this was the place for me due to the sense of community and family atmosphere. I’ve never met strangers who were willing to take time out of their day to guide me around campus. To me, it felt like everyone was family.

While strolling around campus, I got to meet faculty members that would soon educate me on material that filled my curiosities. These faculty members pushed me to do better and present quality work. Through hard work and determination, I graduated in three and half years with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.


As I reflect on my time at Harding, I am reminded about my own “Harding Experience”. As a freshman, I had to learn how to break out of my shell and try new things. I was able to meet friends that would keep me up past curfew laughing at silly topics, keep me in line with my core values, and help me in difficult times.

Harding is a school where camaraderie flourishes. You can’t walk around campus without seeing people hanging out and talking through fellowship. Some of those people include the Harding faculty members. These professors truly care about their students through academics and personal growth after college. I am extremely blessed to call these faculty members life long friends because they were able to educate and encourage me to purse my dreams.

While at Harding, I was given the opportunity to study abroad twice and travel to destinations that I had only dreamed of. Through my overseas experiences, I was able to explore new cultures and try new foods that have broadened my palate and knowledge of the world around me. These are just some of the highlights of my personal “Harding Experience”.

On Saturday, December 16th, I walked across the stage of the Benson Auditorium as an alumna of Harding University. I have loved my time here because I have been able to experience what Christian living is all about. Through the friendships and experiences that I have made in just a short three and a half years, I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me and touching my heart in ways I never thought were possible. While I am not sure what the future has in store for me, I know I have been given the resources that can help me reach my goals.

If you’re a student looking at Harding University as your college destination, feel free to contact me with any questions. I would be happy to answer them and  I am excited to let you explore your own “Harding Experience”. As they say, “It’s great to be at Harding!”


Winters at Harding Unviversity


*All photos taken by Le Petit Traveler

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