Adulting 101

Does anyone actually know how to adult when they graduate college? Sure, they know that they need to get an apartment, find a job, and pay their bills, but how do they actually do it?

As a child, everyone told me to enjoy childhood because you don’t have to worry about anything. Everyday you can play and explore curiosities that could lead to fun adventures through the art of imagination. As a kid, I enjoyed learning new things and exploring the world around me. I assumed adults had everything together through the power of their endless knowledge. However, as a recent graduate, I have realized that adults learn through their own personal experiences.

Lately, I have begun wishing for those stress-free childhood days. Those days were full of swimming until my fingers looked like prunes, caterpillar chasing, apple picking, and countless reruns of The Little Mermaid.


After graduation people assume you have your life together and know what to do next…well let me say that I don’t have my life together. In fact, I don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow. I just know that I need to be productive and proactive through the job hunt. I should also add that if there was a class on how to adult, I would take it because I want to be prepared for whatever life throws on me. Since graduation, I’ve been busy with wedding planning, job interviews, Christmas shopping, and making my apartment look like people actually live there!

*All photos taken by various people

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