During my sophomore year of college, I got the opportunity to travel to Spain, Paris, London, and Scotland, but I didn’t get the chance to blog about my experiences because I never had the courage to start one. Even though I took a lot of pictures, I never added many words to help tell a story. As a senior in college, was given another opportunity to travel to Europe, and that time I want to do it right by sharing my travels.

I got the name Le Petit Traveler one night while thinking about my time in Paris. I thought it would be cool to make part of my name French, and that is how I got the name “Le Petit” translating to “the little”. I knew I couldn’t name my blog just “Le Petit”, so I jokingly mentioned “Traveler” and the people around me loved it. The more I thought about Le Petit Traveler, the more I liked it and then Le Petit Traveler was born.

Le Petit Traveler is a lifestyle/travel blog designed for those looking to see the world and take adventures with me.